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A CMO’s take on creating enduring value

'Turn marketeers into your change agents'

Meet Dorkas Koenen, seasoned senior executive with extensive experience in various industries, both nationally (Dutch) and internationally (EU and US).

Over the last twenty years, he’s been involved in transforming several companies in the energy industry and in financial services, including asset management. He’s currently Chief Marketing Officer at the cooperative Rabobank the Netherlands.

As Dorkas sits down with the Truly Valuable team (previously known as Market Orientation Review), he talks about how marketing has shifted, and has to make a shift towards a broad, sensitive gameplan that combines the inside- out and the outside-in perspective - including the interests of fellow departments, customers, cooperative members and society.

Key talking points:

  • what is marketing's role today? and a CMO's?
  • what is that exactly, 'enduring value'?
  • what does it take to make that happen?
  • how does 'positive sum' work?

Marketeers as organisation-wide change agents?
This is a highly challenging CMO’s take on what it takes to create enduring value.




Dive into the Truly Valuable mindset and the methodology


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